Free Discounts

At Dance Depot, we take great pride in offering the highest quality dance products at deep discount prices. While you will find some exceptions with several manufacturers that require a minimum sales price, our prices are generally 30-40% below what you'll pay at a retail location. But even with the fantastic savings already built in to our prices, there are even more ways for you to save money by purchasing from us:

Registered Shoppers Discounts

Just by signing up for our mailing list, you'll receive regular specials and discount offers. Examples of these include:

  • "Percentage Off " Discounts (5% off all shoes, 10% off all leotards, etc.)
  • "Fixed Dollar" Coupons ($10 off your next order)
  • Other special prices and promotions.

There are two ways to register for these discounts. First, when placing an order just make sure there's a checkmark next to the sentence - "Add me to your mailing list so that I can receive great discount offers." Alternatively, without placing an order you can sign up right here:

Sign Up Here To Receive Great Discount Offers Email:  

Group Discounts

We love supporting all types of organizations, including dance studios, liturgical groups, dance teams, schools, universities, etc. If you own or are in charge of such a group, please contact our group sales department at to discuss any group sales.

Volume Discounts

Available to everyone, volume discounts are automatically included in our pricing. If your order amount reaches a specific level, a volume discount is automatically awarded. The volume discount levels are:

Total Order Amount
$250.00 - $500.00
$500.01 - $1,500.00
$1,500.01 - $2,500.00
$2,500.01 or more


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